All high priority signals will be sent 24/7 and low priority signals, such as low battery or trouble signals, will be held until 9:00am the next business day, with the exception of UL accounts which will receive all signals 24/7.  


Everyone on the location's call list will receive the text message and will have the opportunity to interact as well as the ability to chat with each other through the texting feature. If there is no response from the text message, the call list will be called in the original order.

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RapidSMS is a new interactive text message system being introduced by Rapid Response Monitoring, our central station monitoring service. RapidSMS is a great new feature that our customers will be offered to help with the user experience. This will help to lower the number of false alarms and unneeded dispatches, along with raising the amount of successful connections with listed emergency contacts!


To learn more about this useful new feature take a few minutes to watch the instructional videos posted on our Facebook page with possible scenerios provided by Rapid Response Monitoring. If you still have any questions or concerns please call our office at 610-916-1090!

Introducing rapidSMS